Our First CASL Seminar

On June 23rd to go over CASL compliance and preparing the non-profit sector for implementation. The free event had over 650 participants from across Canada in person and online. Our expert panel had a team of seasoned fundraising strategists. In addition on our panel was lawyer Frank Pignoli from Scarfone Hawkins LLP on hand to help shed light on the legal intricacies of CASL. CCM held a joint presentation with hjc and Scarfone Hawkins LLP at Ryerson University.

Shortly after CASL came into effect July 1st 2014, the CRTC published a FAQs section for registered charities. As mentioned in the seminar, registered charities are exempt from the regulations of CEMs where the “primary purpose” of the CEMs is to raise fund for the charity. The FAQs from CRTC answers some of the questions when it comes to “primary purpose” but there are still some ambiguities. It may take some time before the impacts of CASL are clear, so it’s important to diligently monitor the implementation of this legislation and its impact on the non-profit sector.

CCM Team