The Nature Conservancy of Canada

Direct Response Television: Launching Canada’s First DRTV campaign for a land conservation charity. At the Nature Conservancy of Canada following a heavy research period we identified the best way to build awareness of the brand, and boost the donor base through direct response. The decision was made to launch Direct Response Television; this crucially advertised the brand to large segments of the population but also with a clear call to action quickly built the monthly giving file. Subsequently other channels including email, direct mail, the newsletter, and the web were integrated and boosted as part of the approach. At NCC within 5 years we doubled the donor file and more than quadrupled revenues in direct marketing. The DRTV program won silver at the Canadian Marketing Awards.

Using direct marketing to boost legacy giving: The Nature Conservancy of Canada wanted to move their Gift Planning program to the next-level from a traditional reactive to a new pro-active strategy.

After weeks of extensive research and data analysis, Chris Carter recommended and implemented a new direct marketing gift planning program. This process involved a thorough analysis of all past estates and the creation of a typical bequest donor profile.

This analysis identified a group of donors who were sent a direct mail piece. This mailing was named by Roger Craver and Tom Belfor’s website “The Agitator” as the best ever direct mail.

The new approach has boosted projected legacy revenues by close to $30 million.

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