Chris Carter Marketing provides full-service fundraising and marketing consulting services. We develop projects through the entire process, from initial research, analysis and strategic planning to the implementation and reporting.

Chris Carter MarketingOur integrated marketing agency has many decades combined of experience planning and executing comprehensive campaigns for our clients.

We offer our clients a package service, bringing their marketing efforts together in a more consistent, impactful and balanced way.

Our areas of expertise include:
• Building and positioning an organization’s brand
• Developing strategic and integrated marketing plans
• Leveraging, streamlining, cleaning, integrating and converting data
• Kick-starting direct marketing
• Enhancing an organization’s online presence

Chris Carter Marketing was launched in early 2008 and with it a different approach:


Every aspect of what you do needs to seamlessly integrate, direct mail needs to tie in with your website, which in turn needs to seamlessly tie in with your media strategy and your frontline staff.


Unlocking the crucial information hidden in your data is a necessity. Your best supporters will have a lot in common with one another, figure out what those commonalities are, determine what makes these people tick and find more of them.


An emotional response is crucial in order to achieve success. Exciting regularly updated fresh content needs to rule – the temptation to brag about a big institutional success drive potential donors away in droves.

As fundraising professionals, Chris Carter Marketing and its associates adhere to the AFP Code of Ethics and follow Imagine Canada’s Ethical Code.


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Street (door-to-door and mall) fundraising is often the strongest way to find money and build community connection at the same time.
When people see and talk to one another, there is no better way to build trust and trigger a donation. It’s one of the oldest ways to raise money.
How Chris Carter Marketing (CCM) does Direct Dialogue differently:

As a full-service Canadian direct-marketing agency exclusively focused on non-profits and charities we are uniquely positioned to ensure full fundraising integration

  • CCM’s staff has many years of launching direct dialogue programs, often as innovators, including on the organization side
  • We are nimble and flexible, allowing a completely customized boutique approach
  • We create unique materials for each client whether it’s brochures, maps, t-shirts for canvassers, order forms etc.
  • We our ethical, all canvassers are contracted directly and it is 100% commission free
  • We pay an above-average hourly wage ensuring you get the best, most professional spokespeople
  • We have a more comfortable approach to recruiting donors (hard-sells or quirky introductions back-fire)
  • Efficient and cost-effective, meaning you can test a small pilot first
  • Our full-service experience allows us to be very analytical

We are data experts, and can handle any data challenge. Do you have five databases in different formats that aren’t talking to each other? Want to seamlessly integrate your website with a central database? Need a clear-cut coding structure? Want to introduce, improve and effectively leverage your data? We can help.

We are Raiser’s Edge power users, fully trained and ready to end your data problems.


Let us help kick start your web presence. We will inject interactivity and integration to ensure that your web visitors are engaged, remember you, and will seek you out again. We will make sure your web presence is focused around building revenues and responding to your key supporters.

Traditional approaches to gift planning have often been carbon copies of major giving programs. In reality donors who are most likely to leave your organization a legacy are very different from your major donors. The strongest legacy prospects are often ignored or worse being alienated with the wrong approach.

Let us help you devise a strategy to find, steward, and build your legacy file.

Branding is crucial to ensure your organization stands out. Effective branding builds loyalty and reinforces supporter experience. We can help with a straight-forward branding process:

  • Identify who your key supporters are;
  • Research what your key supporters respond to;
  • Identify your uniqueness and strengths;
  • Develop marketing that reinforces your positioning and appeals to your key supporters;
  • Eliminate confusing jargon heavy language;
  • Find more of your key supporters and market to them.

We’ve successfully launched and managed Direct Response Television Campaigns, Direct Mail, Telemarketing, Door-to-door, E-Marketing and Direct Dialogue.

In many cases these programs hadn’t been tried by the organizations. The implementation of these programs has generated millions of dollars in revenues and tens of thousands of new donors for these organizations.

Direct Marketing is still a crucial way to find new supporters. However, times have changed and one of our specialties is ensuring fully integrated marketing approaches; realizing, for example, that a direct mail piece is often just part of a fully integrated campaign.

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