Check out our submitted sessions at NTEN!

We’ve submitted sessions for the NTEN conference next year. You can review our sessions and vote for any sessions you like at the links below.

Resurgence of Values-Based Marketing

Submitted by Chris Carter

Picture it: a divisive election resulting in starkly drawn cultural and political lines, during which a cola behemoth makes a commercial showing us how they can make it all better. It happened in the 70s with Coke’s wildly successful The Hilltop campaign, and this year with another cola company’s not-so-successful ad. But we remember them, don’t we? Brands are clamouring to take advantage of values-based marketing, and non-profits can use a similar campaign to be memorable, engage new supporters and build a donor base for years to come.

Lead with your Mission! How to leverage your service delivery to generate leads online.

Submitted by Farrah Rooney

In our increasingly competitive marketplace, it’s important for charities to find innovative ways to engage new audiences and capture new leads. One of the most successful methods to grow your acquisition file is through content marketing and advertising focused on what you know best – your mission! Based on a case study for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, we will walk you though the various methods we deployed to capture new leads while performing core services.

In this session, we will jump into new and innovative ways you can develop and promote content, based on your service delivery, that inspires, instructs and asks for contact information, so you can get them into your stewardship pipeline. You will leave with tactics you can put into place right away to raise your house file numbers while raising awareness for your cause.

A Step by Step Guide to Mining Your Donation Data for Performance Analysis

Submitted by Tino Zhang

With the proliferation of data, how can non-profit organizations maximize the value of their data to assess performance? Using a case study with real-life data, we offer a step-by-step guide covering metrics for measuring, graphs for plotting, and analysis that the organization can derive. We identify potentially misleading statistics, and give tips on how to investigate irregularities. But most importantly, we showcase the strategies a non-profit organization can devise so that they can translate analysis into business value. This session is tool agnostic, with a goal to provide analytical approaches that are applicable with any tool.

Sustainers are forever: building a monthly giving program

Submitted by Kyla Winchester

Sustainers are aptly named: their support is invaluable for fundraisers and helps us to weather the ups and downs of other types giving. Learn how to develop a sustainer program or revamp an existing one, connecting it directly with your mission. Begin with brand and messaging and what will appeal to those donors most likely to donate monthly; look at ways to generate leads and how to follow up on them, converts leads to donors; take advantage of the short timelines and affordability of the digital world to create a welcome series, follow up on leads, convert prospects and upgrade donors; and journey-map to ensure your monthly donors are integrated with existing donor communications and kept engaged throughout the year. We’ll also examine the pros and cons of higher or lower asks, look at example of great monthly programs, and problem-solve selected challenges that may arise.