You tell us: Feedback from Xlerate Day Vancouver

Thanks to everyone who attended Xlerate Day, and who took our post-conference survey! Here are some of the gems we mined from the survey responses.

Of those who responded, most were either in fundraising, communications or senior leadership. Eighty-nine percent of respondents stayed for the whole day—that’s enthusiasm!

Xlerate Day met or exceeded expectations of 90% of those who took the survey. The speakers themselves met or exceeded expectations of 100% of people who answered, so the gap is in something other than the main education portion of the day. Those who felt Xlerate Day didn’t meet their expectations didn’t give any specific feedback on this, so we welcome further comments on how we can create a day that everyone loves.

When we asked an open-ended question on what people enjoyed, we received some great answers. Highlights include Maude Barlow’s opening plenary, the sessions on Reconciliation and decolonization, and general comments about the value of networking. We agree—many people attend conferences in part to network. We strive to balance excellent sessions with free time to chat and make new connections.

After Ottawa we received feedback about indicating the level of the session, which we incorporated into the descriptions this time around. We also included one ’deep dive’ session this time since that was also requested. This time no one commented on the session level or duration, which we hope means it worked!

A great piece of feedback we received was the need for advice for smaller charities. With bigger budgets, there are more options, but smaller charities need to fundraise too. This is absolutely true, and we’ll work on this for the future events.

Whew! After reading all that, you deserve a special thank-you. Here is the #DecolonizeYourDay video plenary speakers Jada-Gabrielle Pape and Katherine Dodds of Hello Cool World made at Xlerate Day.

Thank you so much for your feedback on Xlerate Day Vancouver! You made it a success and your feedback will make Xlerate Day Toronto even better. Sign up to stay in touch and informed on Xlerate Day and other events. We’ll see you there!